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The storm gathers as we sleep. Despite vast amounts of blood and treasure expended since 9-11-2001, America and her allies are losing the war against Islamist violent extremists. For the first time since the War on Terror began, Green Beret Scott Mann, an original architect and implementer of this strategic program, reveals an immediately useful strategic framework to defeat ISIS, al Qa'ida, and even criminal elements here at home. This isn’t theory, this program started by Green Berets in the central highlands of Vietnam and mastered in the dusty villages of Afghanistan, holds the key to defeating Islamist violent extremists.

Go Local or Go Home

The lessons in this book are not just for the military. These game changers offer strategic solutions to security forces, stability professionals, law enforcement, and even corporate sector leaders.

This is more than a book. It is a movement. But we need you. If you know something is not right about our fight against Islamist violent extremists, you can help make change happen.

Read, consider, and share.

You can make a difference and this book will show you how.


Scott Mann’s Game Changers articulates a vision for America’s role in the present and future world order.

Steven Pressfield, Bestselling Author of Gates of Fire

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About the Author

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Scott Mann is a retired Green Beret Officer with 22 years of Army special operations experience around the world. He has deployed to Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Iraq and Afghanistan. Scott is the CEO and Founder of the Stability Institute, a non-profit organization that helps prepare diplomats, warriors and law enforcement officers for stability operations in challenging areas. Scott lives in Tampa with his wife and sons.

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