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Available_BlackThe storm gathers as we sleep. Despite vast amounts of blood and treasure expended since 9-11-2001, America and her allies are losing the war against violent Islamist extremists. Operating with impunity within tribal safe havens, they are tightening their grip on civil society all over the world. These criminals and terror groups operate in the trust gap between marginalized communities and the governments that try to control them as the antiquated strategy our government uses is not working and is putting our country at greater risk than ever before.

Isolationism after fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is not an option. Indeed, violent extremists have already followed us home. Failure to stop them now puts our freedom and our children’s future at grave risk.

There is a way to defeat them, but we must change the game.

Inspired by a little-known program employed by Green Berets in Vietnam, a small group of special operations forces implemented a new strategy known as village stability operations deep in the remote valleys of rural Afghanistan,. This revolutionary approach meant going local and living among community members who wanted to fight back against violent extremists.

Though employed late in the war, this bottom-up strategy was so successful that it created fear within senior al Qa’ida and Taliban circles, to include Osama bin Laden and Mullah Mohammed Omar.

These timeless principles are just as applicable in the many emerging trouble areas beyond Afghanistan. Yet, our national leaders continue to pursue the same tired top-down approach, which has failed all along.

For the first time since the War on Terror began, Green Beret Scott Mann, an original architect and implementer of this strategic program, has brought these lessons to light. Through painstaking research, over 5,500 interviews, and unprecedented on – the – ground experience, Game Changers presents an immediately useful strategic framework to defeat ISIS, al Qa’ida, and even criminal elements here at home.

The lessons in this book are not just for the military. These game changers offer strategic solutions to security forces, stability professionals, law enforcement, and even corporate sector leaders.

This is more than a book. It is a movement. But we need you. If you know something is not right about our fight against violent Islamist extremists, you can help make change happen.

Read, consider, and share.

You can make a difference and this book will show you how.